Abitex Promotions, Chance Nalubega

Chance Nalubega Reveals Why She Stopped Working With Abitex Promotions

Veteran singer Chance Nalubega has explained why she cut ties with renowned events promoter Musinguzi Abbey alias Abitex Promotions.

Chance Nalubega is one of the musicians that took the music industry by storm in the early 2000s.

Chance Nalubega’s extensive music catalogue saw her booked on several events, orchestrated by promoters including Abitex.

To her dismay, however, Chance Nalubega severally left the events staged by Abitex a dissatisfied service provider, as the latter failed to pay her balance.

Chance Nalubega reveals that Abitex would hide and turn off his known contacts anytime the musicians he booked stepped on stage in order to dodge clearing their outstanding balances.

Chance Nalubega adds that the aforementioned stressful working conditions compelled her to focus on her music band.

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Chance Nalubega is not the first musician to complain about Abitex’s misconduct, as Jose Chameleone and Alien Skin vowed never to deal with him again.




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