Christine Nampeera, Barasha,

Christine Nampeera and Boyfriend Barasha Break Up, Attack Each in Cryptic Posts

Renowned social media influencer Christine Nampeera and her boyfriend Barasha reportedly called it quits on their long-term relationship.

The pair became widely known following the unauthorized release of their intimate video at Kenji’s restrooms, resulting in a significant buzz on social media.

Nevertheless, it appears that the pair has currently chosen different paths, and the cause behind their separation remains undisclosed.

Their social media activity confirms the development, with Barash recently making a cryptic tweet criticizing Nampeera for participating in a dating show.

This tweet did not sit well with Nampeera, who responded by tweeting that it was uncouth to encourage your partner to take part in a dating show for money and then troll them when the relationship ends.

Christine Nampeera, Barasha,

This statement was a wake-up call for critics who had been following the couple’s relationship, and it confirmed that the once-beloved couple was no more.

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Fans of the couple have expressed their disappointment at the news, with many taking to social media to share their thoughts and feelings.


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