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Cindy Sanyu Appeals to Government for Equitable Distribution of Music Industry Financial Support

The Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Cindy Sanyu has appealed to the government for a fair and equal distribution of financial support within the music industry.

Cindy acknowledges the government’s efforts in providing funds to support the music industry but emphasizes the importance of ensuring that these funds are distributed fairly.

She expresses concern that the current approval process seems to favour the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), a recently established organization led by Eddy Kenzo while neglecting other longstanding organizations that have contributed to the industry without government support.

In light of this, Cindy urges the government to reconsider its decision and include the Uganda Musicians Association as a beneficiary of the financial support.

Phina Mugerwa, Cindy Sanyu

She highlights that UMA, in collaboration with other key organizations, is actively working towards a united front that represents artists nationwide.

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Cindy further asserts that an inclusive approach will not only strengthen the industry as a whole but also ensure sustainable growth for all entities involved.

Cindy’s plea comes following the recent rumours, suggesting that the government plans to support the UNMF with several billions of money, to further their musical ambitions.


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