Rema Namakula, Cindy Sanyu

Cindy Sanyu Claims Rema Namakula is the Only Musician She Can’t Battle

Dancehall star Cindy Sanyu has made it known that she is ready to battle all Ugandan female musicians apart from Rema Namakula.

In light of Cindy establishing herself as the finest female musician Uganda has ever had, her divulgence has been received with a lot of criticism from several of her fellow musicians and music enthusiasts.

Several female musicians have come out to express their dissatisfaction with Cindy undermining them, with the most recent being Winnie Nwagi who urged her to reduce her pride.

In her response, Cindy revealed how ready she is to hold a musical battle with all the female musicians combined to settle the debate of who holds the crown of the best female musician.

However, she excluded Rema Namakula, claiming that the ‘Ngonze’ crooner is an actual musician and a strong representation of her work onstage.

Cindy Sanyu

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Cindy added that, in contrast to other female performers, Rema continuously managed her brand successfully across all platforms, from the stage to her family.


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