Cindy Sanyu, Weasel Manizo

Cindy Sanyu urges prayers for Weasel Manizo amid his spiritual battles

UMA president Cindy Sanyu has urged folks to keep singer Weasl Manizo in their prayers amid his spiritual battles.

For a while now, Weasel’s public conduct has sparked concerns among his fans and music industry players.

The Goodlife singer has over the years been using intoxicating substances hence many suggesting that he should be taken to a rehabilitation centre.

Others, on the other hand, revealed that Weasel is currently battling depression following the death of his former workmate and companion Mowzey Radio.

While addressing the press recently, Cindy Sanyu revealed that as UMA, they can’t help Weasel during this challenging moment, as they are precisely dedicated to their members which he is not.


However, Cindy Sanyu noted that as an individual, she would like to meet Weasl, acknowledging that his challenges are not physical, but rather spiritual.

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She hence urged the public to reach out and pray for Weasel adding that most of the people surrounding him don’t about his struggles.

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  1. Cindy is true.. it’s not all about UMA but individual help .God be with Weasel through this all.Blessings follow u all.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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