Comedy Store Awards 2023

Comedy Store UG Awards 2023 Full List of Winners

The Comedy Store Ug hosted its annual end-of-year awarding ceremony on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, and recognized and honoured the exceptional performers of the year 2023.

With its first awarding ceremony held on December 19, 2019, the awards have since been celebrating the funniest personalities across various domains, including music, media personalities, and comedians.

This year’s just concluded event showcases a wide range of categories, such as Funniest Radio Personality, Funniest TikToker, Funniest on Facebook, Funniest on Instagram, Funniest on Twitter, Best Upcoming Comedian, Funniest Politician, Best Female Comedian, Best Male Comedian, Best Duo, Best Group, Legendary Comic Award, Best English Comedian, Comedian of the Year, Comedy Store Most Supportive Fan(s), and Regional Comedian.

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Here is the full list of winners.

  1. Female comedian of the year Akite Agnes
  2. Instagram Influencer of the year CB Talker
  3. Male comedian of the year Maulana & Reign
  4. The best comedy group Bizonto
  5. Best upcoming comedian Merry Heart
  6. Radio personality Kasuku
  7. English comedian Uncle Mo
  8. Best Duo Madrat & Chiko
  9. Politician Hon Nambooze
  10. Regional comedian Mc Kachaina
  11. Funniest on X Uncle Mo
  12. Legendary comedian Amooti
  13. Tiktoker of the year Jose Chakala
  14. Comedian of the Year Mc Mariachi
  15. Comedy Store’s most supportive fans QC
  16. Funniest socialite of the year Musya
  17. Funniest on Facebook Don Zella
  18. Outstanding Act of the Year Alien Skin
  19. Best comedy DJ DJ Lolah
  20. Honoring Award Chameleone
Comedy Stora UG Awards 2023 Maulana and Reign


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