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Concerns arise among netizens as a video of intoxicated Weasel Manizo circulates online | VIDEO

The video of inebriated singer Weasel Manizo at Fangone Forest with Alien Skin has sparked worry among social media users.

Over the weekend, Weasel Manizo, born Douglas Mayanja had a casual encounter with fellow singer Alien Skin at Fangone Forest in Makindye.

In their interaction, Weasel was heard showering Alien Skin with compliments, expressing his deep affection for him and even referring to him as his brother.

However, Weasel appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances, as he exhibited irresponsible behavior, such as speaking incoherently.

Weasel Manizo

The video capturing Weasel’s behavior left some online users displeased, with many expressing their disappointment towards the individual who recorded it.

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Others suggested that the singer might be struggling with personal issues brought about by late Mowzey Radio’s death, and could benefit from assistance to regain his mental health.

This is not the first time Weasel Manizo has found himself in a state of intoxication, as numerous videos capturing similar instances have been circulating on social media for several years now.


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