Posha Vioshy

Content Creator Posha Exposes Politicians Approaching Her to Pay For Sexual Favours

Renowned content creator and Fufa TV presenter, Posha Vioshy, has brought to light the disturbing actions of influential politicians who have approached her, seeking sexual favors in return for financial gain.

Posha, who was once a migrant worker in the Arab countries, expressed her disappointment with the numerous politicians who have contacted her, proposing to engage in sexual activities in return for money.

She shared an incident where a middleman acting on behalf of one of these politicians approached her, informing her that an anonymous politician was willing to pay for her sexual services.

Posha firmly asserted that she is not involved in any form of prostitution and strongly urged those who are contemplating or have already attempted to approach her with such intentions to cease their actions immediately.

Despite claims made by some of Posha’s acquaintances suggesting her involvement in such activities, she made it unequivocally clear that she does not engage in prostitution as a means to achieve success in life.

Posha Vioshy

Posha argued that despite her attractive appearance, she chose to work as a domestic helper in Arab countries to earn a living.

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Her primary objective was to accumulate the money she currently possesses, and therefore, she has no intention of resorting to prostitution now.


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