DJ Alisha

DJ Alisha resigns from NRG Radio Uganda after 1 year

Renowned female DJ Alisha has today officially resigned from her duties at NRG Radio Uganda.

Last year, DJ Alisha joined NRG Radio and hosted her show alongside singer Crysto Panda.

Throughout her time at the station, Alisha has gained a dedicated fan base as she captivated listeners with her positive energy.

However, today Alisha has made the decision to leave the station after a year for reasons best known to her.

DJ Alisha

In her official statement, DJ Alisha explained that she carefully considered her options and ultimately chose to step away from radio in order to focus on her personal growth and journey.

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She expressed her sincerest gratitude to the entire NRG Radio team and the listeners for their belief in her and for providing her with a platform to share her love for music with the world.


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