DJ Jacob Omutuuze

DJ Jacob Omutuuze Recounts Engaging in Unprotected Sexual Relations With Multiple Female Musicians

A few days ago, DJ Jacob Omutuuze caused quite a stir among internet users when he openly admitted to engaging in sexual activities with multiple well-known female musicians without using protection.

During a candid interview, DJ Jacob Omutuuze shared the story of how he went to visit one of the female musicians to pick one of her songs for his radio playlist.

Upon arriving at her home, he was taken aback by the singer’s provocative attire, which revealed her curvaceous figure.

While inside the house, the musician, whose name Jacob chose not to disclose, offered him a drink, and he opted for a soda.

Jacob confesses that he became uncontrollably aroused by the singer’s body, and as he was about to leave, she noticed his state and urged him to relax inside the house.

Dj Jacob Omutuuze

Upon his return, he engaged intimately with the musician, completely disregarding the use of a condom.

Jacob goes on to reveal that this was not an isolated incident, as he had similar encounters with other musicians, both in the studio and those under his management.

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DJ Jacob Omutuuze emphasized that following those incidents, he proceeded to undergo an HIV medical examination, and fortunately, the results were favourable, indicating that he was in good health and tested negative.


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