Don Zella

Don Zella shares how she was raped by a pastor during her formative years

Socialite Don Zella, born Sheila Nadege, has shared a distressing account with her followers. She recounted a traumatic incident from her youth, where she was subjected to rape by a pastor identified as Stephen.

Don Zella revealed that she had sought his assistance for prayers at his church at the time. Shockingly, during the assault, the pastor not only violated her but also demeaned her by pouring his semen on her body before penetrating her.

To make matters worse, he proceeded to physically assault her, leaving a lasting impact on her life.

Don clarified that although she was not a virgin at the time, she had not given her consent to the heinous act.

After the incident, the pastor even accompanied her in a taxi back to her home. She expressed her fervent hope that her children would never have to endure the same ordeal she experienced in order to achieve success in life.

Don Zella

This traumatic event led Don Zella to develop a deep aversion towards the church, ultimately leading her to embrace Islam.

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Don Zella’s brave decision to share her story has sparked a conversation about the prevalence of sexual abuse within religious institutions and the importance of speaking out against such atrocities.


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