Dorah Mwima, Nader Barrak 10th marriage anniversary

Dorah Mwima and Nader Barrak Commemorate Their 10th Wedding Anniversary.

Dorah Mwima, the 2008 Miss Uganda, and her husband Nader Barrack are joyfully commemorating their 10th wedding anniversary today.

Nader Barrack took to social media to express his heartfelt sentiments about their enduring love story.

He reminisced about the time when he bravely shared his intention to marry Dorah with his parents, despite their initial reservations.

Undeterred by the criticism they faced on social media after their engagement, the couple remained steadfast in their commitment to each other.

Transitioning from close friends to a married couple was not without its challenges, as they encountered numerous obstacles such as arguments, disagreements, and even temporary separations.

Dorah Mwima, Nader Barrak 10th marriage anniversary

However, they persevered and grew stronger together, constantly striving to become the best versions of themselves.

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As time passed, their bond deepened, and they were blessed with the gift of children. Today, they proudly celebrate a decade of marriage, cherishing the journey they have embarked upon as life partners.

I still remember it so clearly. I was driving with my dad beside me. Things were getting tense because the day before I had just told my parents I wanted to marry a girl from Uganda they had never met. My dad, who’s usually calm about my choices, got really mad. He said, “You want to get married? You’re always with different women. Do what you want, but mark my words, this won’t last a year!” I didn’t say much back, just calmly replied, “Didn’t Grandma and Grandpa say the same about you marrying Mom 40 years ago? Look at you guys now! It’s okay, I’ll give it a shot.” And that was that.
I went back to Uganda from my leave and proposed to Dorah. A few weeks later, our news was on social media, and there were some doubtful comments saying it wouldn’t last six months (it will end it tears wasn’t yet used). It seems not only did people saw me as a player, but they also didn’t know about Dorah’s life, they only knew her as a single mom with a “secret” baby daddy. And you know, people tend not to trust what they don’t know. Maybe that’s why no one saw our relationship working, no one except two people : Me and Dorah!
We were both at turning points in our lives. I’d been in so many failed relationships. I wanted a forever relationship where I could wake up every day looking at my partner feeling proud, in love, and happy. Dorah was tired of secret relationships, feeling unappreciated, and wanting security, love, and someone responsible for her and Ethan.
Believe me, we really tried before reaching that point. For months, we fought hard. Being best friends was easy—no judgment. But transitioning from friendship to a serious relationship was tough. We knew each other’s deepest secrets and flaws so well. We had many fights, broke up a few times, yelled at each other, and merging our different beliefs and convictions was a challenge. Working at the same place made it even harder; there was no place to hide!
Despite all the fights, deep down, we held onto a hidden feeling that we could make it work. We had hope. So, when we finally committed to making our relationship official, we understood the stakes. We wanted to prove to ourselves, more than anyone else, that we deserved love and happiness. We knew it was up to us to make it happen. If it failed, there was no one to blame but us.
This is what we are celebrating today! 10 years of marriage! Take that Dad! It isn’t easy, that’s for sure. It takes a lot of sacrifices, patience, respect, and growing up. Let no one tell you otherwise, even though you only see the best parts on social media, we’ve had our tough moments. But we’ve always known we’re in this for life, so we work hard for the well-being of us and our small … I mean big family
I love you Dorah Mwima, you are the best decision made in my life.


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