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Douglas Lwanga’s Facebook Account Hacked and Taken Down By Hackers

Media personality Douglas Lwanga has revealed the distressing situation of losing his Facebook account to hackers.

Lately, there has been a surge in incidents involving hackers gaining unauthorized access to the social media accounts of prominent individuals, with Douglas Lwanga inclusive.

Taking to his X platform formerly known as Twitter, Douglas revealed that he lost his official Facebook page a few months back to hackers who put it down a while after gaining access to it.

Lwanga proceeded to urge any of his followers who possess extensive knowledge regarding the retrieval of compromised accounts to promptly direct message him in order to initiate the recovery process.

The entreaty of Douglas Lwanga ensued following a prolonged period of endeavouring to regain access to the account, which proved to be futile leaving him in a state of frustration and helplessness.

Douglas Lwanga

My official Facebook page was hacked and taken down months back. Any genius on these streets that can help me recover it? Av tried all options but in vain. Pliz DM. Thanks.

As he continues to navigate this challenging situation, Douglas Lwanga remains hopeful that a resolution will be found.

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Until then, Lwanga is relying on alternative means of communication to stay connected with his fans and followers, eagerly awaiting the day when he can once again reclaim his Facebook account.


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