Dr Propa, Jose Chameleone

Dr. Propa Expresses Discontentment With Jose Chameleone.

Renowned singer Dr. Propa real name Johnholl Arinaibye has expressed his dissatisfaction with fellow singer Dr. Jose Chameleone.

Dr. Propa, who was once a dominant figure in the Ugandan music scene, unfortunately lost his musical influence and has struggled to regain it ever since.

In a recent interview with the media, Dr. Propa disclosed that he faced numerous challenges during his peak in the industry, many of which were caused by none other than Jose Chameleone.

Dr. Propa asserts that Jose Chameleone subjected him to such mistreatment that even his acquaintances within the music industry were able to observe.

Propa asserts that Chameleone harboured envy towards his talent, claiming that he possessed the ability to sing in Swahili, Runyarwanda, and various other styles.

Jose Chameleone

This led to physical altercations whenever they crossed paths and even Chameleone orchestrated attacks through other individuals.

Dr. Propa further revealed that he had always considered Jose Chameleone as a friend and a fellow artist, but the constant rivalry and animosity displayed by Chameleone had deeply hurt him.

He expressed his disappointment in Chameleone’s actions, stating that instead of supporting and uplifting each other as artists, Chameleone chose to engage in destructive behaviour.

@brianmacona Dr proper agamba chameleon yeyamusula #foryoupage #foryou #brianmacona ♬ original sound – brianmacona


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