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Eddy Kenzo Reveals He Has Never Been a Legal Member of Firebase Crew

Big Talent boss Eddy Kenzo has clarified his association with Bobi Wine’s Firebase Entertainment during a recent press interview.

Eddy Kenzo explained that he collaborated with Mikie Wine, Bobi Wine’s brother, on a song dubbed “Yanimba,” which became his breakthrough hit.

Initially, Kenzo had planned to work with Fantom Lovins, but Mikie Wine convinced him otherwise by revealing his relation to Bobi Wine, which Kenzo saw as an opportunity for fame.

Kenzo then suggested bringing Tonny Hauls and Paddy Man on board for the production of their track, resulting in a masterpiece.

The song was initially produced at Firebase studio and later enhanced at Paddy Man’s Dream studio for better sound quality.

Eddy Kenzo

Although the success of the song caught Bobi Wine’s attention, Kenzo clarifies that he never formally became a member of the Fire Base camp, but rather benefited from the association.

However, due to financial disagreements with Mikie Wine, Kenzo decided to pursue a solo career, despite Bobi Wine’s attempts to reconcile them.

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Kenzo further emphasizes that he initially felt obligated to support Bobi Wine’s political career due to their shared background, but eventually lost interest due to differing political ideologies.


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