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Eddy Yawe Opens Up About Falling Out With Martha Mukisa Over “Neteze” Song

A week back, Black Magic Entertainment singer Martha Mukisa revealed how her song Neteze with Eddy Yawe was struck and deleted from her Youtube channel.

Martha Mukisa who didn’t detail what caused the situation, attributed the song deletion to a technical glitch, urging her fans to watch it on other streaming platforms as they iron out their indifferences.

In an interview with a local Youtuber over the weekend, Eddy Yawe revealed why the song was struck off Martha Mukisa’s Youtube Channel.

Martha Mukisa

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The dream studios chief stressed that while on his duties in Vancouver Canada, he was contacted by Martha Mukisa, who requested a collaboration.

The two agreed, and when Eddy Yawe returned to Uganda, the pair hit the studio and recorded “Neteze”, a song that has dominated media waves for months now.

He further stressed that he didn’t charge the rising star a penny, rather he footed all the costs from songwriting to its production.

Eddy Yawe

Since Eddy Yawe had covered almost everything, he urged Black Magic Entertainment to foot the video costs, something they respected, and the video was shot at the former’s house.

All was well until the two parties had to upload the song video on their respective Youtube channels. According to Eddy Yawe, Martha Mukisa’s management uploaded the song hustle free on her Youtube channel.

However, when his team tried to upload the same video on his channel, they were notified that they had no right to upload the song, yet he owns the rights to the song.

Martha Mukisa

He said that his team might have truck Martha’s Youtube channel in an effort to upload it on his. The Tukigale star distanced himself from envying Martha Mukisa’s Youtube numbers, stressing that he doesn’t depend on Youtube views.

Eddy Yawe maintained that he owns all the rights to Neteze song, but he gave Martha Mukisa a right to perform it wherever she prefers.


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