Martha Mukisa, Eddy Yawe

Martha Mukisa Reportedly Falls Out With Eddy Yawe Over “Neteze” Song, Deletes It From Her YouTube Channel

News on our desk indicates that singer Martha Mukisa deleted her recent project with Eddy Yawe from her Youtube channel.

The pair’s Neteze song for the past few months has dominated airwaves and topped charts making it one of the biggest songs at a moment.

However, efforts for Martha Mukisa’s fans to watch the song via her Youtube channel were made impossible as it couldn’t be found, yet it existed on Eddy Yawe’s.

Martha Mukisa

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In an interview with Sanyuka TV’s Uncut show, Martha Mukisa was tasked to remark on what transpired between her and Eddy Yawe to an extent of deleting the song from her Youtube channel.

The singer who was vividly not ready to publicize the logic behind the song deletion attributed the matter to a technical glitch, and efforts to rectify it are underway.

When the interviewer further interrogated the singer, she admitted having grievances, stressing that they are working foot and nail to iron them out.

Eddy Yawe

This is not the first time Eddy Yawe is falling out with Musicians after successfully collaborating with them, the most recent being Carol Nantongo who gave up on Tukigale upon the former claiming ownership.

We pray and hope the two parties find a common ground.


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