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Edward Sendi Has No Kind Words For Shamim Mayanja Over Disrespecting Andrew Benon Kibuuka

Edward Sendi, a prominent figure in the Ugandan entertainment industry, has expressed his disappointment with renowned actress Shamim Mayanja for her attack on Andrew Benon Kibuuka.

Shamim Mayanja has recently been making news headlines for her verbal altercation with Sanyuka TV media personality Zahara Toto.

According to Edward Sendi, initially, Shamim had taken the opportunity to disrespect Kibuuka amid preps for her just concluded play.

Ssendi, known for his straightforward and honest opinions, did not hold back in criticizing Shamim for her disrespectful behavior.

He emphasized that Shamim does not deserve to be ranked among the top 10 movie actors in Uganda, especially considering her audacity to demean someone as highly respected and celebrated as Andrew Benon Kibuuka.

Kibuuka, a renowned movie actor and trainer, has made significant contributions to the Ugandan movie industry. His talent and dedication have earned him a well-deserved reputation, making him a respected figure among his peers.

Shamim Mayanja,

Sendi believes that Shamim’s attack on Kibuuka is not only unwarranted but also shows a lack of understanding and appreciation for the industry’s veterans.

Furthermore, Ssendi comments that it is not surprising that Shamim Mayanja’s play did not achieve success.

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He suggests that her disrespectful behavior and lack of manners may have contributed to the lack of support and interest in her work.

Sendi went on to urge Shamim to reflect on her actions and work on improving her behavior if she wants to succeed in the industry.


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