Emmanuel Lwasa’s Fingerlike Manhood Can’t Satisfy Me – Haffie Stings

Haffie, Emmanuel Lwasa’s supposed fiance has come out and claimed that she can’t date the businessman because his manhood is too small to satisfy her.

A week back, Emmanuel Lwasa made his relationship with his supposed Kenyan fiance Haffie public. The businessman went on to propose to her at his office, before a couple of journalists.

A few days later, Haffie let the cat out of the bag, when she revealed that Lwasa proposing to her was a publicity stunt, and she couldn’t date a man of his stature.

Haffie’s move, however, didn’t seat well with Lwasa, who had no kind words for the former while addressing her claims.

Emmanuel Lwasa

The Masaka-based businessman claimed that Haffie was targeting his property, and she turned against him when he did not meet some of her demands.

In Haffie’s most recent interview, she warned Lwasa against tainting her name, stressing that if he continues to provoke her she may drag him to court.

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Haffie further made it known that she couldn’t date Lwasa, on the grounds that according to his leaked sex tapes, his manhood is too small to please her in bed.


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