Evelyne Lagu

Evelyn Lagu Adopts a 7 Months Old Baby

Singer Evelyn Lagu is alated upon successfully expanding her family with an adopted baby boy.

Evelyn Lagu is currently battling a Kidney failure condition, which calls for significant financial resources.

Despite her current health and financial struggles, Evelyne nevertheless felt compelled to rescue a baby who needed her help.

Evelyn Lagu revealed the development through her Facebook account, where she revealed that her adopted son is only 7 months old, and his name is Tadues.


Evelyne Lagu

She maintained that she is starting to stay with him tonight, and ought to be addressed as mummy Tadues henceforth.

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“Am adopting this boy he is 7 months old am starting to stay with him today he’s called Tadues pls kol me mam Tad so help me God goodnight lovers!”


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