Evelyne Lagu

Evelyn Lagu’s Condition Deteriorates, One of Her Veins Raptured and Slowly Losing Sight

Veteran band singer Evelyne Lagu real name Evelyn Nakabira’s condition has deteriorated as one of her veins raptured and her eyes are no longer functioning well.

For several years now, Evelyn Lagu has been battling kidney failure which saw her put on a lifetime dialysis.

This was after physicians in Turkey urged her to desist from undertaking the Kidney transplant process, saying her health state couldn’t handle it.

Ever since, Evelyn has been undergoing a weekly dialysis treatment, which is costly yet she is no longer working.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Evelyn a few weeks back developed another health complication, which sees her lungs clogged with water.

Evelyn Lagu, Vivian Tendo

As she battles to breathe, she raptured one of the blood vessels which produced internal haemorrhage and also injured one of her eyes.

Additionally, the dialysis passage which was created on her upper arm was blocked, making it hard to be used again to administer the treatment.

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Currently, Evelyn requires surgery to create another path for dialysis on her leg, but she is financially unstable since she no longer has a stable revenue stream.

According to Evelyn’s son Freddie Kasavu, his mother has spent almost three weeks without dialysis which puts his mother’s life at stake.


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