Shine Omukiga, Evelyne Lagu

Shine Omukiga Urges A-listers to Aid Evelyn Lagu Rather Than Waiting for Her Fateful Day to Praise Her

Renowned Western Uganda radio presenter and singer Nyonyozi Shine Angella, famously known as Shine Omukiga has called out fellow celebrities to help Evelyn Lagu.

Ever since Evelyn Lagu was diagnosed with Kidney failure condition, her life has never been the same as she can no longer execute her duties.

In 2021, she was flown to Turkey for a kidney transplant, but she was advised by the doctors that her condition couldn’t sustain the procedure.

Since then, she has relied on expensive dialysis, despite the fact that she currently lacks a solid income stream.

Evelyn Lagu
Evelyn Lagu Before the Ailment

It is for the aforementioned reasons that Shine Omukiga has called out fellow A-listers, to stand with Evelyn Lagu through this situation, stressing that the weekly hospital visits will dry even her deepest pockets of money.

If I had a voice that could be heard in the industry, I would push for fundraising for Lagu….but everyone is busy slaying and living their life waiting for the fateful day then they will all post and ride on the name of the dead. partly reads shain’s facebook post.

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Shaine wondered if the country can hold an annual memorial service for the later Mowzey Radio, why can’t they dedicate at least one Sunday at Bugembe’s church and pray for Evelyn?

God is not against us, He will listen to our prayer. If a concert is a lot of work, atleast let us meet and pray and dedicate a day of prayer to Evelyn.


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