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Evelyn Mic’s Critique of Men Giving Women Ugx 50K After a Date Raises Dust on Social Media

Evelyn Mic’s recent critique of men giving women only Ugx 50K after a date has sparked a significant reaction on the internet.

Earlier today, Evelyn Mic, a well-known MC, radio, and TV host, took to her X handle former Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with the practice of men offering women a mere Ugx 50K after a date.

According to Evelyn, women invest a considerable amount of money and effort into preparing for a date.

This includes spending Ugx 200K on their outfit, Ugx 70K on makeup, Ugx 30K on an Uber ride, not to mention the time they invest. Yet, despite all this, they are often sent home with only Ugx 50K by the men they meet.

Evelyn emphasizes the importance of men planning and considering the expenses involved before inviting a woman out on a date.

Evelyn Mic

However, Evlyn’s complaint has ignited a heated debate among netizens as many argue that a date should be focused on getting to know each other and building a connection, rather than being solely money-oriented.

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Evelyn is not the first public figure to express such a concern, as Sheilah Gashumba recently disclosed that a man ought to provide a lady with a minimum of Ugx 1.8M before going on a date.


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