Feffe Bussi, Karole Kasita

Feffe Bussi Was Heartbroken On Learning That He Wasn’t The Father of Karole Kasita’s Baby – Joram Lukisa

Karole Kasita’s manager Joram Lukisa revealed that rapper Feffe Bussi was heartbroken upon realising that he wasn’t the father of Karole’s baby.

Recently, dancehall singer Karole Kasita fell out with her former manager Joram Lukisa who took to the media to expose her dirty linen.

Among the topics Joram got into, was Karole Kasita’s love life and revealed that during the COVID-19 lockdown, the singer got into a romantic relationship with Feffe Bussi.

He noted that during Feffe’s reign as Karole’s boyfriend, he had complete control over all managerial decisions.

Later, Karole became pregnant, and Ffe Bussi assumed he was the baby’s biological father. However, he was saddened to learn that the baby was actually fathered by one of the businessmen in town.

Karole Kasita, Feffe Bussi

The development left Feffe’s heart shattered, compelling him to throw jabs at Karole in the Labisa song when one carefully listens to his verse in the song.

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“Labisa Abakazi Abatusiba Abaana” goes Feffe Bussi’s line which can be loosely translated to mean “expose women who lie about their children’s paternity.”

Joram further disclosed that Karole Kasita had commitments outside of music when she visited South Africa.


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