Champion Ogudo, Felista Di Supasta

Felista Di Superstar Apologizes For Kickstarting Champion Ogudo’s Bursary Saga

Young female rapper Felista Di Superstar has issued an apology to Champion Ogudo for kickstarting the bursary saga which has turned out a menace to him.

In the middle of this month, Felista Di Supaster took to her socials, calling upon her former sponsors Rajiv and the Rupaleria Foundation to render assistance to Champion Ogudo to access quality education at Kampala Parents’ School.

Rajiv and the Rupaleria Foundation responded positively to Felista’s plea, and Champion Gudo was offered a scholarship to study until he completed his primary level of education.

However, Alien Skin steadfastly refused to honour the offer hence causing controversy as Champion Ogudo’s father insisted that his son had to study at KPS.

In the unfortunate turn of events, Alien Skin ordered Champion Ogudo to be returned to his parents in Kawempe until his parents settled their indifference.

Felista Di Supasta

Having kickstarted the bursary cause, Felista felt guilty before issuing an apology to Champion Ogudo and whoever was affected by the saga.

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I didn’t see this coming
As you all know I made a post requesting the Rupaleria Foundation to grant a full bursary for my fellow rapper Champion Ogudo Ug which was positively replied to. But all of a sudden, things turned around to this extent that all you know
I deeply regret my request and I have learned that help is not meant for everyone. Am so sorry for the sad news that is circulating on social media that AlienskinUg sent Gudo back to Kawempe
There, I apologize to the following people for my conduct in initiating the bursary saga
– Champion Gudo
-Alien Skin
-Mr Muganga of Victoria University
-The Ruparelia Foundation
-Kampala Parents School
-All my fans who pushed that idea
Lastly to Champion Gudo, tuff situations brought us. Be strong


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