Fifi Da Queen, Mc Kats

Fifi Da Queen, Mc Kats Clash Over Appropriate Success Cards for Kids

Media personalities Mc Kats and Fifi Da Queen have been embroiled in a disagreement regarding the kind of success cards appropriate to be given to kids.

The issue arose when Fifi Da Queen, whose real name is Fiona Nabitengero, disseminated a video calling out average schools to ban success cards made out of money bouquets arguing they favour students from privileged backgrounds creating inequality and unfairness among kids.

MC Kats, who had gifted his daughter a success card similar to the one criticized by Fifi Da Queen, defended his decision by stating that he chose to spend the money on his daughter instead of on alcohol in bars.

He further explained that he wanted to provide for his daughter himself, rather than having her rely on the generosity of strangers.

MC Kats’ statement resulted in an online altercation, as Fifi Da Queen responded with no kind words, revealing that the events MC is one of the numerous individuals who failed to comprehend her message despite claiming fluency in English.

Fifi Da Queen

Mc kats it’s bad olimwabo abalabika okutegeera nayenga tubawayiriza but anyways bwofuna obude waraji muveko mukwano and be de best example to them in the right ways eg first by respecting yo self before public kisinga ebimuli bya sente ebya showbiz and after u take yo ka money coz u badly need it fr fuel,lastly do u want me to mention a few things u need to do right for their sake byotafuna? tomerentondo omanyi kati level wooli yakalogo kalenzi but anyways engato bweba ekiutuuse yambala mukwano osibe nobuguwa enywere. Nalimanyi buli ayogera enyo oluzungu abeera ategera.

The disagreement has since sparked a heated debate among the pair’s fans and followers, with many taking sides and expressing their opinions on the matter.

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Some have criticized Mc Kats for drawing conclusions on a matter he had not understood, while others have accused Fifi Da Queen of using disrespectful language while responding to Kats.


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