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Fifi Da Queen Requests that her Family Never Permits any Media to Take Videos on Her Death Bed

Media personality Phiona Nabitengero, well known as Fifi Da Queen has requested her family never to permit any media personality to document the last moments on her deathbed.

Earlier today, the internet was gutted by the sad news of the untimely death of a Tiktok sensation Asia wa Charles.

Moments after the tragedy, video clips started making rounds on social media, portraying the last moments as Asia struggled for her life while on life-supporting machines.

The videos, however, didn’t settle well with a number of people, including Fifi Da Queen, who questioned why someone would find satisfaction in documenting such trying moments.

Fifi Da Queen

At this point, Fifi implored her family not to let the media document her harrowing final moments on earth noting that failure to heed her pleas her ghost would haunt them.

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Fifi based her decision on the grounds that her privacy must be a priority regardless.

To my family, temukilizanga camera wade selfie during ma trying n last moments kuba omuzimu gwange gulibakuba empi nemukijamu enjawulo bakwano. My privacy must be a priority regardless.

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