Fik Fameica

Fik Fameica Address Reports Of Aligning With the Ruling Government and Lost X Account

Yesterday, Fik Fameica’s Twitter (X) account, shared a statement addressing allegations of his alignment with the government and disassociating himself from the principles of fighting for social justice in the country.

The handler revealed that he had taken the decision to seize the account, which was originally built for the rapper, in order to prevent him from using it to promote government ideologies.

In response, Fik Fameica released a statement clarifying that he had lost control of the account for over two years now.

He expressed his deep sadness and concern regarding a recent post made on his Twitter account by a former member of his social media team.

Fik Fameica distanced himself from the post, emphasizing that he did not authorize it and that it does not reflect his personal beliefs, values, or principles in any way.

Fik Fameica

He highlighted his unwavering commitment to using his platform to promote messages of positivity, unity, and empowerment. He firmly believes in the importance of standing up for human rights and justice, dismissing any previous reports suggesting otherwise.

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Furthermore, Fik Fameica mentioned that his team is currently investigating the situation surrounding his Twitter account (X) and taking necessary steps to regain control of it.


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