Fik Fameica, David Lutalo fik fameica and david lutalo reconcile

Fik Fameica and David Lutalo Reconcile Ahead of Respective Concerts

Last November, David Lutalo and rapper Fik Fameica had a disagreement regarding the timing of their concerts.

Following David Lutalo announcing his “Babongote” concert at Serena Hotel in Kampala, which was scheduled for the day after Fik Fameica’s “King Kong Live in the City” concert, the latter expressed his dissatisfaction, stating that it was not the appropriate timing for the former to hold his concert.

Fik Fameica emphasized that he had been the first to announce his concert and suggested that David Lutalo may have considered the fact that they have different fan bases.

Despite these factors, Fik maintained that he would not have done what David Lutalo did if the latter had announced his concert first.

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However, earlier this week, the two reconciled and publicly endorsed each other’s concerts, conveying their willingness to support each other going forward.

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The pair’s reconciliation has garnered immense backing from their loyal followers, affirming that it is the optimal course of action.


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