Fixon Magna, Fik Fameica, Sheebah Karungi

Fixon Magna Accuses Fik Fameica of Not Paying Him After Writing “Bwe Paba” Song

Singer and songwriter Fixon Magna accuses rapper Fik Fameica of failing to remunerate his services of writing his hit song “Bwe Paba.”

According to Fixon, having had a good vibe in the studio alongside Fameica, he composed the song without any formal agreement regarding remuneration for his service.

Much to his astonishment, upon the release of the song, he found himself unacknowledged in any capacity within the composition, something he had not expected from Fik Fameica.

Fixon stated in his disclosure during the Galaxy TV interview that he remains undeterred despite not receiving recognition or compensation from Fik Fameica for his contributions.

Instead, witnessing a song he penned topping the charts serves as a source of inspiration for him to strive even harder.

“Bwe Paba” was released on 22 Sept 2023 and quickly became a hit song in Uganda, due to its catchy beat and lyrics.

Fik Fameica, Sheebah Karungi

The song is a collaboration between Fameica and Sheebah, and it is jointly produced by renowned producers Artin Pro D’maria.

Since its release, the song has garnered remarkable airplay across the country and it is unclear how much money it has made since its publication.

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The issue of crediting and compensation for songwriters is a contentious one in the music industry, with many artists and producers accused of exploiting the creative work of others.


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