Spice Diana

Following Flopped Dubai Show, Spice Diana Abandons Her Balance Worth Ugx 10M

Source Management singer Hajarah Namukwaya alias Spice Diana rewarded the Dubai promoter with her balance of over Ugx 10M.

On 30th April 2023, Spice Diana and Carol Nantongo were booked by Dubai-based promoter Rham Events to perform at Venom African Club in Dubai.

However, due to Spice Diana’s recent performance at Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s Thanksgiving ceremony, a section of people power devotees boycotted the event.

This saw the event draw a handful of crowds, which resulted in a financial loss for the show’s organiser.

In a video obtained by Exclusive Bizz, Spice Diana is seen having no kind words for her detractors who boycotted her Dubai show.

Spice Diana

She revealed that she will continue performing for her fans, regardless of their political subscriptions, on the grounds that she is a hardworking musician who is trying to elevate her well-being and her family.

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Spice urged Ugandans to avoid causing rifts among one another since this is the only way they can highlight their shared cause.

The ‘Siri Regular’ singer also pleaded with the show’s organiser Dj Ram to maintain her balance of Ugx10m and utilize it to aid the unfortunate Ugandans living in the UAE.


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