Jannie Namukasa, Dictator Amir, Chosen Becky

Former Baba TV presenter Janie Namukasa apologizes to Chosen Becky and fiance Dictator Amir

Former Baba TV presenter cum vlogger Janie Namukasa and her workmate Mozey have apologized to singer Chosen Becky’s fiance for their false accusations that he sired a child outside their marriage.

A few days back, Janie Namukasa through an interview revealed how Dictator Amir and Chosen Becky’s relationship had hit a dead end.

Janie noted that this came after Dictator Amir had sired a child outside their relationship and that he had no privacy as Chosen Becky had invited all her relatives to their marital home.

These allegations rubbed Dicator Amir the wrong way and filed a police case against the duo.

Chosen Becky

In the turn of events, Jannie issued an apology to the couple, revealing that she was fed fake news by one of her sources.

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She apologized to the singer and her partner Dictator Amir and their relatives, revealing that she had no intention of causing harm or offense to anyone.


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