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Full Story About Albert, The Boy Who Cries and Suddenly Laughs In the Viral Video

At the start of February 2023, the world was treated to a viral video that has turned out a stress reliever for many.

In the video, a boy identified as Albert Ofosu Nketia could be seen crying before suddenly bursting into laughter.

Reports on our desk indicate that Albert, who is now seven years old, was born seven months early. He has two additional siblings, and they are Twi-speaking whose family is in Ghana.

Ms. Rosina, Albert’s mother, recalls that her son was ravenously hankering for yam (Tuber in Ghana). While she didn’t have it at the moment, she had plantains, which are similar to bananas in the house that she cooked for him.

On unveiling the meal to Albert, he started crying, and his grandmother embarked on singing for him a humorous song in an effort to soothe him.

Albert boy who cries and laughs at the same time

This triggered Albert’s source of laughter, hence the viral video making rounds on various socializing Apps globally.

Albert’s mother made it known that the video was taken by the boy’s uncle, and it was intended to be sent to his father who wasn’t home.

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However, the uncle sold off the phone to another person without clearing the data. Upon the new phone owner crossing paths with the hilarious video, he shared it on social media, before spreading like a wildfire.

Although Albert’s mother reported that her kid has a speech impairment, he is a joyful boy who is constantly laughing and is currently enrolled in kindergarten.

Have a look at his video below.


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