Geosteady and Hindu Kay Reportedly Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

Fresh reports have emerged indicating that Geosteady and Hindu Kay have decided to unfollow each other on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

Geosteady, who recently ended his relationship with his baby mama Prima Kadarshi, found love again with Hindu Kay. The couple, who met in 2020, quickly became one of the most admired couples in town.

Their bond seemed unbreakable as they shared countless beautiful moments. They even collaborated on a song dubbed “Amaanyi,” which further solidified their connection.

However, recent reports suggest that there may be trouble in paradise as Geosteady and Hindu Kay chose to unfollow each other on Instagram.

Curiosity led us to investigate Hindu’s social media activity, and we discovered that her last post was in November of last year.

Lilian Mbabazi, Weasel Manizo

In the past, Hindu Kay has always been a strong supporter of Geosteady’s music projects. However, her silence regarding his upcoming song titled “Spell on You” has raised eyebrows among their fans.

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The sudden unfollowing and Hindu’s lack of involvement in promoting Geosteady’s new project has left their fans puzzled, questioning the status of their relationship.


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