Gerald Kiweewa Attributes His Recent Car Accident to Witchcraft.

Gerald Kiweewa Attributes Recent Car Accident to Witchcraft Within the Music Industry.

Renowned Kadongo kamu singer Gerald Kiweewa recently found himself in a harrowing car accident that left him with leg injuries.

However, despite the setback, Kiweewa displayed immense resilience and determination as he performed at the initially booked “Tugende mu Kikadde” event in a wheelchair.

Amidst rumours that the accident was a mere publicity stunt for the event, Kiweewa vehemently dismissed such claims.

He expressed his gratitude to all those who stood by him during this challenging time, acknowledging the support he received from his fans and well-wishers.

Despite the physical and emotional toll of the accident, Kiweewa is currently on the path to recovery. His injuries are healing well, and he is gradually regaining his strength.

Boldly and unwaveringly, Kiweewa confidently attributed the accident to witchcraft, firmly believing that his enemies had employed dark forces against him.


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