Grace Khan

Grace Khan Accused of Loaning Daughter’s Outfits to Impress Online In-laws and Failed to Pay

Renowned singer Grace Namuwulya alias Grace Khan is accused of purchasing her daughter’s outfits on credit and failing to pay.

In an audio clip making rounds on social media Grace Khan, who seemed to have a busy work schedule could be heard pleading with a shop owner in Nyendo – Masaka to let her loan a couple of outfits for her daughter’s photoshoot.

The audio further depicts Grace Khan assuring that she would deposit the money on the shop owner’s mobile money number after rendering services at one of the ceremonies.

Grace Khan

However, Grace has never followed through on her promise and rarely returns calls or reply to Whatsapp messages.

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It is for the aforementioned reasons that Grace Khan’s borrower has taken to social media to expose the singer’s deceptive behavior in an effort to warn others so they won’t become victims of her acts.

Listen to the audio below.


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