Prince Omar, Grace Khan

Grace Khan Accuses Prince Omar of Child Neglect

Singer Grace Khan real name Grace Namuwulya has come out and pleaded with baby daddy Prince Omar to come out and help in raising their daughter.

On 6th December 2021, singer Grace Khan welcomed a bouncing baby girl at Lubaga Hospital whom she named Grannah.

According to reports that followed the development, the baby’s paternal father was musician Prince Omar.

Prince Omar admitted paternity of the child but stated that he was not ready to be the father of Grace Khan’s child since she resolutely refused to have an abortion when he requested her to.

Since then, Prince Omar has not appeared to be interested in the child, and according to reports from our news desk, the musician never fulfils the responsibilities of a father to the child.

Grace Khan

Grace Khan was compelled to address the public about the situation, appealing to concerned parties including media figures to help her get justice.

In a video that Exclusive Bizz was able to secure, Grace Khan can be heard expressing her annoyance and describing the difficulties she faces as a single mother trying to raise her child.

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She continues by saying that while the father is out there living life with a huge spoon, she has spent every last dime on her daughter’s meds.

Grace expressed her dissatisfaction with the baby daddy’s family, saying that they had not done enough to encourage their son to care for the baby.

The “Njakufa Naye” pondered how Prince Omar would claim paternity for the kid when she had grown into a woman to be proud of in the future but he had been absent when she needed him most.

Have a look at the video below;


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