Grace Khan, Jovan Luzinda

Grace Khan reveals she wants to rekindle romantic relationship with ex-lover Jovan Luzinda

Renowned singer Grace Khan has shared her intentions to reignite her romantic relationship with her former partner and fellow musician, Jovan Luzinda.

In the past, Grace Khan and Jovan Luzinda were romantically involved before deciding to go their separate ways.

Despite both artists being in other relationships since then, none of them have worked out despite their efforts.

In a leaked audio recording, Grace expressed her desire to rekindle her relationship with Jovan Luzinda, reminiscing about the love and understanding they once shared.

Grace Khan

Grace emphasized that Jovan Luzinda used to love her deeply and knew her better than anyone else before their relationship ended.

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Even though she has a child with Prince Omar, Grace is willing to reconcile with Jovan Luzinda as she believes he is the only one her heart truly desires.


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