Haffy Powers, Don Musiya

Haffy Powers Exposes Socialite Don Musiya For Failure To Settle His Outstanding Debt With Her

Kampala socialite Don Musia has been exposed by media personality Haffy Powers for failing to fulfil his financial obligations towards her.

The BBS Terefayina host took to her Snapchat account to publicly call out Musia and urged those close to him to advise him to settle his debt.

Despite her usual respectful demeanour, Haffy Powers emphasized that she would not tolerate being taken advantage of.

She questioned the credibility of Musia’s claims of wealth while being a defaulter, before appealing to him to fulfil his financial obligations.

haffy powers

By press time, the specific details of the transactions and the amount owed remain undisclosed, however, we shall keep you posted as more details become available.

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Somone tells Musiya to pay my money enough is enough.
I have never been in any social media drama, I am very respectful to people but don’t take advantage.
Musiya pay my money.
Oyo Kabampaane gwokola yet you’re a defaulter doesn’t make any sense. Sasula Ssente Zange.

Frustrated Haffy Powers.


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