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Hajat Kulthum Nabunya Unfazed By Husband’s Infidelity, Preparing For Their Upcoming Anniversary.

Hajat Kulthum Nabunya is seemingly unbothered by her husband Acram Gumisiriza’s alleged infidelity saga, as she is gearing up for their forthcoming marriage anniversary.

A few days ago, the news of Acram Gumisiriza’s arrest for non-payment for the s#x worker’s services caused a stir on the internet, eliciting shock among critics.

The development saw Acram severely criticized for his profound lack of respect, before expressing concern about Hajat Kulthum’s emotions.

However, despite the betrayal and heartbreak caused by her husband’s infidelity, Hajat Kulthum Nabunya remains remarkably composed and undeterred.

Based on Kulthum’s social media activity, she conveys unwavering strength and resilience as she refuses to let her husband’s actions define their relationship.

Hajat Kulthum Nabunya, Akram Gumisiriza

In the comment section of most of her posts, Hajat Kulthum can be seen defending her man as she hopes to rekindle the flame that once burned brightly between them.

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In response to certain comments, Hajat Kulthum earnestly requests critics to limit the length of their remarks, as she is currently occupied with preparations for their upcoming anniversary set in December.


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