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Hassan Nduga Beats Up Ronald Alimpa on Stage | VIDEO

Kadongo Kamu singer Hassan Nduga lost his cool and nearly beat up fellow singer Ronald Alimpa of Sean Don fame.

In 2022, Ronald Alimpa and his crew were involved in a nasty car accident en route to a performance that claimed a number of lives and left others nursing serious injuries.

Hassan Nduga was one of the volunteers who immediately showed up to help, but he was disappointed when he was chastised and accused of making off with money that was raised to help Alimpa and other accident victims.

Since that time, Hassan Nduga and Ronald Alimpa have had trouble getting along. However, a few days back, one of the hangout spots engaged the two musicians to perform at the same show.

Everything at the performance went according to schedule until Ronald Alimpa stepped on stage midway through Hassan Nduga’s performance.

Hassan Nduga

This left Nduga with a sour taste in his mouth and he immediately went into a fighting mode. According to a video accessed by Exclusive Bizz, Nduga can be seen attacking Alimpa and his crew while hurling insults at them.

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He is also heard complaining that Ronald Alimpa stepping on the stage midway his performance was disrespectful of him and urged those responsible to push his wheelchair off the podium.

Have a look at the video below.


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