Hassan Nduga, Abbey Mukiibi, Balunywa

Hassan Nduga demands a refund of his Ugx 6M from Abby Mukiibi Nkaaga and promoter Balunywa

Kadongo Kamu singer Hassan Nduga has vented his frustration with media personality Abbey Mukiibi and events promoter Balunywa.

While addressing the press, Hassan Nduga explained that ahead of his event, he paid Ugx 6m to CBS through Abbey Mukiibi and Balunywa to advertise his cultural event.

To his dismay, he didn’t get value for his money, as the media outlet adamantly refused to advertise his event much to his frustration.

He explained that the decision was made after releasing his latest song, which demanded Kabaka’s presence in the Kingdom.

Nduga added that CBS has over the years not been playing his music, which not only entertains but also advocates for the growth and respect of the Buganda culture.

Hassan Nduga

The Kadongo Kamu singer stressed that his intentions are not to attack the Kingdom, but rather to be treated fairly.

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Furthermore, Hassan Nduga urged Abbey Mukiibi and Balunywa to refund his money and find other options to promote his cultural event.


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