Hatim and Dokey

Hatim and Dokey Accuse Wizzard OG of Breaching Agreement Over ‘Mafia’ Release

A bitter verbal spat has erupted between the renowned singing duo Hatim and Dokey and the rising star Wizzard OG. The bone of contention? The ownership and release of their collaborative track, “Mafia.”

The flames of discord were fanned when Dokey, one-half of the dynamic duo, took to their TikTok account to air grievances in a candid video.

He claimed that the song “Mafia” hit the airwaves before the parties involved had reached a consensus, primarily pointing fingers at Wizzard OG for not honoring their financial agreement.

Hatim and Dokey
“Hello, my people,” Dokey addressed their fans. “Many of you have been asking why Hatim and Dokey haven’t been promoting ‘Mafia,’ the song that dropped a few weeks back. Well, here’s the truth. We created this project with Wizzard OG, but he went ahead and released it without our consent.”

According to Dokey, he penned the song himself, with the audio production handled by D’Mario. The plan was for Wizzard OG to fulfill certain financial obligations before the song’s release, a promise that Dokey alleges was not kept.

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The premature release of “Mafia” two weeks ago has undeniably sparked a rift between the collaborators, leaving fans and industry insiders abuzz.

For a closer look at Dokey’s side of the story, watch his full statement below:


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