Fik Fameica

“I am in Sound Health” Fik Fameica On Viral Video of Him Falling on Stage | VIDEO

In light of a video clip that circulated on social media showing Fik Fameica falling on stage, the Fresh Gang rapper has taken the opportunity to clarify the situation.

During a recent interview, Fik addressed the video, stating that it is an old recording from his performance in Mbale – Eastern Uganda.

He emphasized that the footage is from approximately three years ago, well before the implementation of the Covid-19 lockdown measures.

Fik Fameica acknowledged sustaining an injury over two weeks ago, but he has since recovered swiftly and is currently in good health.

The “Maifia” rapper assured that he now performs on stages that are carefully designed to ensure his safety and takes precautions to avoid any mishaps during his performances.

The rapper made it known that he is currently gearing up for his impending concert next year emphasizing that his current performances contribute significantly to his physical fitness.


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