Maureen Nantume, Catherine Kusasira

“I Borrowed Catherine Kusasira’s Shoes to Perform at My First Show” – Maureen Nantume

Singer Maureen Nantume has heaped praise on fellow singer Catherine Kusasira for aiding her at a time when she best needed her help.

A few days back, singer and presidential advisor Catherine Kusasira added a year and was treated to a surprise birthday at Boss Lady’s hangout spot in Entebbe.

Catherine Kusasira’s invites-only birthday party was graced by members of her social circle, fellow musicians, workmates, and family.

Among the attendees, was former Eagles Production bandmate Maureen Nantume, who conveyed her gratitude to Catherine Kusasira’s kind nature.

During her speech, Maureen Nantume threw back to her first performance at Eagles Production, where Catherine Kusasira lent her black shoes because she didn’t have any.

Maureen Nantume added that Catherine Kusasira is monumental in her life because she has always corrected her where need has always been.

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The “Nkuze” singer maintained that as humans, they’ve always had disagreements, but they’ve always managed to iron them out to become better versions of themselves.


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