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“I Can take on Cindy and Sheebah in Music Battle Combined” – Mary Bata

MBM singer Mary Bata Namakula has revealed that no Ugandan musician can challenge her in a music battle.

The battle between Cindy Sanyu and longtime nemesis Sheebah Karugi has been the talk of the town for several weeks now.

In her recent interview, Mary Bata was tasked to name the musicians she thinks she could duke it out with.

Mary Bata responded by saying she had no fear of anyone, even male or female artists, and that she was destined to sing.

When asked to choose between Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu, Mary Bata objected, saying that unless they are combined, she can’t battle just one citing she can’t satisfy her.

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The “Disappointment” singer based her submission on the grounds that she is very talented compared to all the artists in comparison.

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