Cindy Sanyu, Sheebah Karungi

“You’re Stupid to Think I’ve Achieved Nothing In Music” – Cindy Sanyu to Sheebah

Dancehall singer Cindy Sanyu has fired back at fellow singer Sheebah following her submission that she has achieved nothing in the music industry in contrast to her.

The rift between singer Sheebah Karungi and nemesis Cindy Sanyu continues to widen ahead of their impending music battle slated for 15th September at Kololo Airstrip.

In Cindy’s most recent interview, she responded to Sheebah’s assertions that her talent is overrated and hasn’t accomplished anything since joining the music business.

According to Cindy, she claims she didn’t enter the music industry to flaunt her achievements but rather to showcase her talent.

My confidence and everything that I talk about is about music. Everything else is non of your business, I don’t want it in the open eyes. If I wanted it I would have exposed them.

Cindy Sanyu

The self-styled King herself went on to stress that it is very stupid for someone to think she achieved nothing with all the money she made in music.

I don’t want to come here in the open and start saying have a house in Munyonyo no I have talent that is what I have which is better than you, you will never have it. Cindy added

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Cindy further disclosed that talented artists are God-gifted, as they can sing and perform without disturbing themselves by attaching themselves to materialistic possessions.

A skilled artist just learns and the entire time is struggling with it. That’s why they have to add several other things to compensate the fact that they don’t have a base.


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