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“I Kicked Nigerian Music and Events Out of Uganda” – Alien Skin Brags

Frangon Forest Entertainment singer Patrick Mulwana alias Alien Skin has bragged about kicking Nigerian music out of the country.

The few years have seen Nigerian music receive a disproportionately large share of media airplay compared to the Ugandan local music.

The Nigerian music high dorminance left the music industry stakeholders with no option but to look for ways to eliminate or drastically cut down its consumption.

However, according to Alien Skin, ever since he rose to stardom, his music has since suffocated Nigerian music in the coutry.

Alien reasoned that before he broke onto the Ugandan musical sphere, Nigerian music and events were the order of the day in the country which is nolonger the case as he revolutionised everything in light of his raise to the musical scene.

Alien Skin

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For the time Alien Skin has been at the peak of his muic career, he has lent a helping hand to individuals who may have lost their artistic hold and vowed to alter the way the music industry operates.


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