Daniella Atim

If You Wanted to Be Talked About Any Better, You Would Have Treated Me Right – Daniella Atim to Her In-laws

Daniella Atim, the wife of Jose Chameleone, has warned her in-laws that they should have treated her better if they wanted her to talk about them favourably.

A few days ago, Daniella posted on Instagram to let her followers know about the difficulties she faced raising her children.

She revealed that before she gave birth to her first kid with Chameleone, her in-laws made the absurd demand that the firstborn be a boy since he would establish the man’s status in society.

Her revelation, however, sparked a heated discussion online, with some in-laws, like Humphery Mayanja, leaving the mother of five with nothing but criticism.

Daniella Atim

Daniella disclosed over the weekend in an Instagram post that she shares her life experiences in the hopes that someone may use them as a roadmap for their own escape.

She added that since she healed from the wounds of her offenders, she is unbothered by those who lash back at her divulgence.

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Furthermore, Daniella revealed that she is telling her story as she experienced it, and is unconcerned about who may take offence.

She continued by saying that if they wanted her to exaggerate their personalities, they would have treated her fairly.

Go out and tell your truth to accelerate your triumph over your past .And if your family or anyone doesn’t like it ,let them deal with their insecurities.You ‘re sharing your life as you experienced it and if people wanted to be talked about any better they should have treated you right.
You ‘ll never be a victim for sharing your story .Instead,you will be a triumphant survivor setting the world on fire with your truth and your courage .You never know who needed your light ,who needed to see your candle in order to light theirs or who needed your story as a manual for their own escape.
Granted,you must first heal enough before you tell your story to the world ,it takes energy to climb onto stage to talk to people so make sure you are not still bleeding emotionally as you go up .Heal to a degree that you can talk without caring who lashes back at you for apparently ‘exposing them’

Daniella Atim


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