Irene Namatovu, Eddy Kenzo, Phionah Nyamutoro

Irene Namatovu’s guidance to Eddy Kenzo and lover Phiona Nyamutoro

Irene Namatovu offers guidance to Eddy Kenzo and Nyamutoro as they prepare for their upcoming marriage.

A few days back, Eddy Kenzo publicly acknowledged his romantic involvement with Minister Phiona Nyamutoro, sharing that they have a child together.

This news has since brought joy to his fans, well-wishers, and musicians including Irene Namatovu who expressed her appreciation for Eddy Kenzo finding a new partner after his previous relationship with Rema Namakula ended a few years ago.

Irene Namatovu proceeded to offer advice to the couple on how to nurture a successful relationship as she emphasized the importance of patience, trust, understanding, and love in their partnership.

Phionah Nyamutooro, Eddy Kenzo

Additionally, Irene mentioned that she is willing to guide the couple should they face any challenges in the future.

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Irene Namatovu wants nothing but the best for the couple and hopes that they will have a long and happy life together.

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